My name is Montse Massagué, I’m a designer and my obsession with ballet shoes has brought me here.

I go through life guided by my battle cry C'Mon!! because I firmly believe that when we set a goal for ourselves, there is nothing we can't achieve.

My Mission

My mission is to help women feel confident, strong and comfortable with their image. To shatter old prejudices and get in touch with that energy we all have inside of us, which I call my rock star. This powerful energy is what makes us walk firmly and bravely ahead, so we can achieve everything we want. la mia rockstar. Questa potente energia è ciò che ci fa camminare con passo deciso e con grinta, così che possiamo ottenere tutto quello che vogliamo.

Mon Massagué

Mon Massagué is a collection of ballet flats that are created to make you feel comfortable, without having to wear heels. We design and manufacture ballet flats for women who wish to feel confident and perfectly ready in any moment of their day. We put magic at your feet to lead you along and help you make all your dreams come true.

Be free, have fun, get in touch with your inner rock star and launch your new way of walk the world!