Important Update! Ballerinas purchased from 22 December onwards will be shipped from 3 January. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you all the best for this festive season filled with joy and magic for you and your families!"
Important Update! Ballerinas purchased from 22 December onwards will be shipped from 3 January. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you all the best for this festive season filled with joy and magic for you and your families!"

How to clean leather ballet flats without damaging them

When it comes to flats, it's fair to say that we all think of comfort and beauty for everyday activities. But one of the most important aspects to keep your flats always ready to accompany you on your many adventures is proper cleaning and maintenance, which will help them stay in good condition for longer. So, if you have some nice leather flats, you need to know how to clean and care for them properly so as not to damage them.

When it comes to flats in nappa leather, which is the most exclusive and delicate leather due to its extreme softness, like the Mon Massagué flats, taking care of them is essential for them to look good and last longer. To clean tassel you need to follow some specific steps to ensure its longevity.

  1. Protect leather flats before wearing them

Before putting on the leather ballet flats, it is important to take some precautions. Check the weather forecast before wearing 😉 If it rains, wear boots, ankle boots, katiuskas…. what you want, but not the flats! They are not shoes suitable for rain, snow or other bad weather. For this there are already other types of perfect shoes. There are some sprays on the market to protect leather from rain and bad weather, but my advice is not to use them with flat shoes. The tassel with which we make our ballet flats is a high quality nappa leather, very thin, soft and delicate, so that when you wear our ballet flats they fit your feet like a glove, this is their main beauty, if you put protective sprays you will induce the skin and get the opposite effect. So if it's raining or snowing, don't wear them and the problem is solved 😉 This will be the best prevention and the best way to take care of them. Also, I'm sure that for cold and rainy days you have better options in your wardrobe!

  1. Clean the flats when necessary

Nappa ballet flats, like any other shoe, should be cleaned from time to time, but be careful, very occasionally! How often depends on how often you wear them, but there's no need to go overboard, just gently wipe off dirt, dust, and other impurities to keep them in tip-top condition. Just use a soft cloth, moistened with very little water, to remove dirt. Never use abrasive products, such as steel wool, so as not to damage the skin.

  1. Use specific products for cleaning the skin

For best results, use only specific products for cleaning leather. Choose specific products for the type of leather of your flats (nappa leather, suede, patent leather, etc.) and apply according to the manufacturer's instructions. But remember that less is more! I use mine every day and I hardly ever clean them and they are beautiful ♥️.

  1. Make sure the flats are completely dry before storing.

After thoroughly cleaning the leather ballet flats, make sure they are completely dry, as leather materials are easily damaged when exposed to moisture. To dry your flats, your best bet is to leave them in a cool, shady place away from direct sunlight.

  1. Avoid contact with water

Since nappa leather is a delicate material, direct contact with water is best avoided. If the nappa leather flats get wetit is important to dry them as soon as possible. Use a cloth to remove excess moisture and let them dry naturally in a cool, shady place.

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  1. Store them properly

Nappa leather flats should be stored in a cool place, dry and well ventilated. To avoid wrinkles and deformation, it is advisable to keep them in their original box, inside the cotton bag with the original tissue paper padding with which they were purchased. 


Taking care of leather ballet flats is essential to keep them in good condition and make them last longer. It's also important to wear them correctly.

Enjoy your flats, always feel beautiful, chic and comfortable. And remember that you don't need heels to feel feminine, strong and elegant. Word from a ballerina lover 😉

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